About us

Comparative Legilinguistics (International Journal for Legal Communication) is a quarterly published by the Institute of Linguistics (Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland). It contains articles, reviews and reports in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. The reviews are stored in the journal’s editorial office. The articles are peer-reviewed by two reviewers (double-blind review). The editorial board reserves the right to publish selected articles without two reviews.

Comparative Legilinguistics is devoted mainly to legi-linguistics (legal linguistics), forensic linguistics, theory of the law and legal language, and legal translation.

      The main aim of the journal is:
1) to broaden the knowledge in the field of legal languages and comparative legilinguistics (especially legal translation and court interpreting),
2) to develop the co-operation between lawyers and linguists in the field of forensic linguistics and legal linguistics,
3) to present comparative studies on the legal reality of different legal languages and the impact of such differences on legal communication, as well as
4) to educate adepts of legal translation.